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PROFOUND Programs Seeks Businesses and Professionals
to Spotlight on Our Shows Nationwide
Text: Interviews with Innovators

We Are Looking For These Professionals to Spotlight:

  • Local Business Owners 

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Professional Service Providers 

  • Subject Matter Experts 

  • Professional Consultants or Trainers 



Our Mission

The mission of our shows is to Spotlight Top Businesses, Professionals and Subject-Matter-Experts in a format that is appealing to Consumers in today's digital attention span era.

Many people advertise on radio and in print, but the most successful businesses are featured in interviews or spotlights, giving them valuable third-party endorsement from credible and trustworthy media sources. 

PROFOUND Programs focuses on spotlighting profound professionals and their businesses in select industry-specific shows, allowing them to shine as educators and advocates in their marketplace. Why be just another advertiser in the sea of competition? This helps you build your reputation and increase your influence and credibility, which opens doors to more leads, sales and profits.


What Makes Us Special

We simplified the process of appearing as a guest on our shows by using asynchronous recording. No more having to use a booking calendar to schedule a time to speak with our production staff. No recording your segment spontaneously, eliminating the "oh, I wish I had said this instead" afterthoughts. At your convenience, you can take the time to think about what you want to say and record your answers without any pressure. More importantly, you can re-record until you are satisfied with how it sounds.  

A key difference in INTERVIEWS WITH INNOVATORS is we highlight noteworthy and up and coming professionals who are doing great work for their clients in their local community, giving them the status and the attention they deserve NOW, instead of waiting for recognition. 

The Types of Professionals Who Appear on Our Shows

 Production Process 


It costs nothing to appear on the show. It couldn't be easier to participate as a show guest with our step-by-step procedure:

  • Participate at your convenience (No need to coordinate/schedule a time to be interviewed)

  • Answer the pre-production questions so we can tailor the show topic to align with your expertise. When you submit the form below, you will be taken directly to the pre-production questions. A link to your pre-production questions will also be emailed to you, followed by a link to your interview questions once they are ready.

  • Answer a few questions (Record your answers from your phone or computer)

  • Upload your business logo and photo as part of the interview process (after pre-production)


The topic of each episode is tailored to the individual guest. When you submit this form, you will be taken to the Pre-production questions.

woman with scene clapboard

Stephanie Miller, Executive Producer

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